What A Bonus!

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Scene Description: Ava Alvarez answers the knock on the back patio door and you can see her smile as Jack walks in to Nuru today. She's very eager to get her hands, lips and hips on his muscular body. She appreciates a guy who keeps himself in good shape because of all the effort she puts into taking care of her own body. Ava is a hot tub specialist with amazing suck skills and she loves having her natural tits fucked as the warm water surrounds her. Oiled up on the air mattress she really puts her back into giving a great rub down, but more voyeurs will focus on her hand technique during the happy ending which lead to her getting a very big bonus!

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Favorite part of this scene is Ava Alvarez. I love how thick that womens body is. It's as thick as a loaf of homemade bread. Kinda makes me wanna bite her a little bit.
2014-12-27 01:24
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