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  • 2015-09-18
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Date added: 2015-09-18 Rating:
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Description : John Strong is ready for the night, his head clear and appeased, looking at Valentina Nappi's naked pussy on his phone setting him up for the perfect lucid dream. John didn't except his fantasies of Valentina to be one he will never forget. John goes into a deep sleep, waking up in the Nuru Massage room wearing only a bathrobe. The doors in front of him open with fog, smoke and in the mist, appears the voluptuous Valentina signaling John to enter into her world of pleasure. John follows Valentina into the shower with his cock hard for her sweet ass. Valentina massages John's chest and back with her perky boobs, gliding her hands up and down, moving her mouth towards his cock. She gets his cock extremely wet with her saliva, sucking hard,deepthroating it all the way down her throat. John takes her by the back, fucking her on the bench and just when she is about the orgasm, she vanishes into the other room, waiting to bathe him with unprecedented marvels.

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Date added: 2015-09-18 Rating:
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