Bad Encounter

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Video Description: Barry is a sleazy delivery man. He sees Keisha at the spa when he drops off a big package. His dirty attitude really rubbed Keisha the wrong way. When he shows up for a massage she's angry. When he threatens to call up her boss she gets nervous and gives in. As Keisha gets undressed, Barry takes in every inch of her gorgeous body. He gets ahead of himself, and Keisha makes sure to make sure he knows when he's being inappropriate. Keisha sees his experience as a chance to show her dominance. This guy isn't going to give up easy, so she needs to be ready for anything he throws at her.

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I love Keisha, good lady, hot body and knows how to let us see the action and realistic talk throughout. Really hot penetration shot on the side of the tub. Especially like her handling the cum shot, better when the girl does the finish. Only draw back was the condom but still love the video.
2015-06-03 12:07
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WTF? is up with all the condom scenes...please hire the p stars who get tested and no CONDOMS!
2014-12-08 13:28
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ready (user_21767480)
Yes my scenario !!!!!! thank you for team fantasy massage :-).
2014-12-06 09:52
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