Clothed Bang

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Video Description: It's Xander Corvus' first ever trip to the Nuru Massage spa. he's happily greeted by receptionist Ana Foxxx, and taken to meet his masseuse, Kate England, who strips his clothes off ready to massage him. Kate shows him her beautiful body, and takes him to the shower to show him how the massage works. she begins pampering him, not hesitating for a moment when she sees he's got a massive cock and it's stiff as a rock. Xander is having an awesome time, so when Kate has to leave to take an urgent phone call, Ana takes over, fully-clothed head to toe. She can't take her clothes off, considering she'll have to answer the door if anyone knocks! Ana moves Xander to the bathtub where she begins massaging his stiff body. Xander can't hold out any longer for Kate, so he grabs Ana and begins playing with her through her clothes, ripping open her jeans, and shoving his cock inside her beautiful pink pussy before she can finish massaging him. When Kate returns, Ana asks if she needs to go back to the front desk, but Kate welcomes her to stick around. Kate begins lathering up Xander's back, while Ana plays with her pussy inches from his face. This scene gets so rowdy i can't even begin to describe what happens. Watch now to find out!

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I liked starting with her clothes on even though leaving shoes on is a little much, Would like to have seen her eventually get fully naked..
2016-07-10 12:16
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Brilliant original idea for this scene user-ready.
Lots to like about this one. Kate and and Anna were perfect here - beautiful contrasts between the girls. It was a busy pace from beginning to end, sex was hot. Thanks for selecting and making this members fantasy happen Lucy. Everyone involved gets a pat on the back. Great work all!
2016-07-08 18:58
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YES more where they have clothes on including the heels!
2016-06-18 01:50
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ready (user_21767480)
O_O O_O O_O :-) :-) AMAZING
2016-06-17 22:17
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