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Starring Heather Starlet
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Scene Description: Alex is an activist who works to protect trees from being cut down as Christmas trees. It was freezing cold outside as he protested and worked to keep a group of trees from being destroyed so after the protest was over he knocked on the door of a nearby house to see if he could come inside and get warm. There he meets Heather who works as a masseuse. When she hears about what he has been doing she is impressed and offers him a free massage as a reward. He accepts and she takes him into a hot shower to warm him up. As the hot water pours down on him she strokes his cock and really warms him up. Once he was nice and warm she takes him into the Jacuzzi where she really rewards him by deepthroating his cock all the way down her throat. He is so turned on he can't believe his good luck in finding this place. She then takes him to the air mattress and pours the Nuru Gel all over both of their bodies. She slides all over him eventually get him on his back and working herself into a 69. She continues with the amazing blowjob until he explodes and cums in her wet mouth.

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