His First Time

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Video Description: Boy Oh Boy, Robby Echo is in quite the pickle! Unsure if he's doing the right thing, Robby paces back and forth in front of the Nuru Massage door, in complete disarray. Robby, a geeky virgin thinks the best way to lose his virginity is to meet a masseuse here that are known for offering a little extra, specifically, cock release. Sarah Jessie welcomes Robby into the establishment and onto the couch. Robby comes out with the whole truth that He's never been with a girl, nor has he ever touched one. Sarah emphasizes with him, promising she will take exceptional care of him today. The whole situation is too much for Robby's body to handle; having Sarah touching his leg causes Robby to pre-ejaculate, exposing a wet sport over his pants. This didn't stop Robby from continuing his dream of fucking a hot chick. She undresses herself, displaying her enormous boobs and pierced pussy. The scenario is very exciting for Robby, afraid he will cum again and ruin his whole plan. They make their way into the shower, but Robby is adamant to keep his underwear on, still shy since this is his first time ever being with a woman. But Sarah was a professional, determined to get her hands on his virgin cock.


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Sarah Jessie is great. Great performance, please more of her.
2016-02-29 05:30
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2015-11-25 05:00
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Sarah Jessie is a good porn actress. But this video is sub par
2015-09-07 21:41
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Not really up to your usual Nuru standards. The actors perform all the actions like a calisthenics check list. Shower-check,BJ-check, DT-check, TF-check. all the way through the video. Never a bit of sexual heat or passion; disappointing. Sarah has some lovely ink, but the bolt-ons really detract from her otherwise fit body.
2015-09-04 21:04
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Robby does a fine job playing the nerd virgin. The lack of cunnilingus is within the character -- he wouldn't know what to do. So, unfortunately her lovely hood piercing goes to waste. The piercing is the only thing attractive about Sara. Way too much silicon -- I can only hope that if she ever has a baby that she doesn't try breast feeding--- the kid might get silicon poisoning. Somehow I don't find a dagger through the top of a skull very sexy either as well as whatever that stitched up character on her on her forearm is supposed to be. I think that if she wanted to enhance something it would have been her ass. I guess you could say I'm not impressed with her in the slightest. The premise of the story however is great. It would have been better with a real girl however or even a milf who could have been more sympathetic and instructive to taking his virginity. ( 7.75 out of 10 )
2015-09-04 07:32
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