Like Mom, Like Daughter

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Video Description: Mindi Mink has her own massage parlor and has worked really hard to build up her clientele. And part of having her stepdaughter, Shyla Jennings, come in for some training, is to show her the ropes and eventually take over the family business. When Shyla sees how her stepmother is dressed, she can't believe how little she's wearing. When Shyla pulls out her outfit she brought for the massage, Mindi laughs telling her that just won't do. When Shyla asks her what she'll be wearing, Mindi pulls out matching bra and panties. When Mindi informs her that despite not being her real daughter, she wants her heavily involved in the family business, Shyla is flattered. Mindi asks her to change and leaves the room. When Mindi comes back, she's stunned at how great Shyla looks. She instructs her that the first step is making sure the clientele gets showered so the Nuru gel gets absorbed properly. She asks Shyla to now remove her clothes and hop in the shower with her. As Mindi shows her the ropes, Shyla finds herself really enjoying this aspect of the massage. By the time they're done in there, they're groping each other's bodies and making out. When they lay on the mat, Shyla's a natural with her massage technique. She's so good at it that Mindi is moaning within minutes. By the time Mindi is done with her, she's turned her stepdaughter, from a rookie to a true professional!

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2019-04-28 17:14
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I love watching these girls get it in, but watching Mindi, and Shyla in this move, was by far, the best I've seen. Their acting, both of them, was superb, and so romantic, and real, that I had to change my panties afterwards. Please, put them together more often.
2018-12-31 13:57
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Amazing scene...another level. Absolutely love Mindi, she's sooo sexy in how she acts, along with her great dialogue...just wow! The chemistry between them was beautiful!
2018-12-31 11:04
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Just soo hot and sensual one best scenes I have seen mindi was amazing
2018-12-03 04:42
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The pacing in this scene is perfect. Shyla's reactions in the shower and Mindi's confident, assertive, but not overbearing "moves." That the scene does not jump from the first contact to the sex to soon but seems to progress naturally makes this one of the best two adult scenes I have ever seen shot. This scene alone is worth the price of membership for this site.
2018-11-21 16:45
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