Little Blue Pill

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Video Description: Eric Masterson pops a little blue pill thinking his wife would enjoy a non stop boner. When he doesn't get the expected response after rousing her from sleep, he tries to handle it himself. But no amount of wacking off will make his erection subside, so he calls the number on the package for help. When the only remaining recourse they can suggest is going to the emergency room, he defiantly heads to the NURU spa for a last ditch attempt. Fortunately, his masseuse Kira Noir thinks she can assist him. At least, a massage will calm his nerves.

The ebony beauty takes off her robe and prepares her client for a wash. She strokes him in the shower, then she jacks him off in the tub and climbs onto his lap and fucks him.

After the heated warm up, he's ready for the mat. He lies down on his stomach and she covers him in NURU gel. After lubing up her torso and tiny natural tits, she slides up and down his body, using the weight of gravity to work out the kinks in his muscles. She turns him onto his back and slides onto his persistent erection, shaking her ass till she cums on his cock.

They change positions onto their side, and Eric holds her closely while he fucks her from behind, desperately working out his erection till he blows another load, this time all over her sexy ass. Will he need to have another go? Click to find out! ass. Will he need to have another go? Click to find out!

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Kira is so gorgeous from head to toe! I love her angel face and cute round tushy! any chance we can see her on All Girl Massage possibly with Honey Gold or Misty Stone, 2 other girls with perfect hiney hall of fame tushies! thanks!
2017-05-26 00:24
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Hope Mrs Masterson can meet up with Kira at the AGM parlour. Must cause her a lot of stress putting up with Eric.
2017-05-18 11:09
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I love seeing Kira Noir
2017-05-06 22:03
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