Lost And Found

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Video Description: Masseuse Reena Sky finds a wallet at the spa and calls the client it belongs to. When Akarra Summers picks it up, she sees it belongs to her husband. She confused what her husband would be doing at the spa, so Reena offers to show her their special services. Akarra follows Reena to the massage room. When Reena starts to undress her, Akarra is taken aback. She's even more surprised when the stunning Reena Sky removes her robe and lingerie, then escorts her into the shower and cleans her beautiful body. Akarra is feeling seduced and tries to resist her advances by switching the conversation back to her husband's extramarital activities. Reena reassures her client that she does not do this with her husband as Akarra lathers up Reena's naked body with soap.

The girls rinse off and Reena leads Akarra into the tub where the wife finally begins to relax. She invites her to sit on the edge of the bathtub. Akarra lets her kiss her as she makes her way down to the sensitive spot between her legs. Reena licks her pussy then brings her to the mat where she coats her back and bubble butt with the sticky NURU gel. Reena drenches her body in NURU gel too, then she glides her shaved pussy back and forth along her pampered client. She turns her over and slinks her sexiness along Akarra's creamy skin, then licks her wet pussy. The slippery lesbians 69 and scissor fuck till they both cum all over each other!

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Reena is the most beautiful I've seen her look!!! GORGEOUS!!
2017-09-29 22:41
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Sweet sexy shapely full curves with a FINE behind gorgeous breasts and alluring face ,,Wonderful!!
2017-09-29 22:50
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wow Wow WOW This looks soo SEXY HOT...
2017-09-20 08:45
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