My Best Friend's Girl

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Video Description: Alex Harper is at work and is naked. As she puts on her black and red lingerie, her milky white skin shines in the light. Alex is hot as fuck and she knows it. She prepares the room as she pours the Nuru oil into the wooden bowl and gets ready for her next client. When Dereck Pierce walks into the salon for his appointment, he finds the receptionist desk empty. When he calls out wondering if anyone's there, Alex rushes in apologizing. When they make eye contact, Dereck realizes that he's talking to his best friend's girlfriend.

He's surprised to find her working there so when she tells him she'll be servicing him today, he tells her that maybe they should reschedule. He feels really awkward about this but she assures him that it's just a massage and that he's being ridiculous. When they walk into the massage room, Dereck wonders why there's no massage table. Alex barely hears him as she's busy checking him out. Distracted, she apologizes and explains how a Nuru massage works. She asks him to get undressed: before he can even really think about whether he should or not, he finds her taking her clothes off.

When she turns around to find him still clothed, she asks him why he's still dressed. As she takes off her panties, she reminds him it's strictly professional and he has nothing to worry about. They enter the shower together and she lathers up his body. Before he knows it, she's playing with his dick. When he asks her what she's doing, she reminds him that it's a full body massage and that he should focus on relaxing. She jerks him off so he's nice and hard and leads him to the bath. Once he sits down, she starts sucking his dick and at this point, he's so turned on he doesn't stop her. Once she lies him down on the mat it's just a matter of time before she slides that big dick inside her and fucks her boyfriend's best friend.

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friends wife is hot
2018-06-12 22:11
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She is more than extremely erotic. Erotic isn't even half of it. Her voice, her movement, her whole essence is caught on this video. Very enjoyable. Please have more of her. Her name is Alex Harper. Very nice.....
2018-03-04 10:11
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