Like Riding A Bike

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Video Description: Blonde masseuse Nicole Clitman is hanging out at home searching the Internet for something sporty to get into. She finds a cyclothon and wants to register but she needs a bicycle. She calls her neighbour Marcus London to see if his wife's bicycle is still for sale. Luckily it is and he can bring it by in one hour. He arrives promptly with a great bike and he refuses to charge her a penny. To repay his kindness, she offers him a massage. That's an unusual situation for married Marcus, living in the suburbs. He's not even sure that's allowed by his wife, but Nicole swears it's nothing but professional. She just wants to express her gratitude.

Marcus is puzzled when she brings him to the shower and begins to disrobe. He tries not to stare at her tiny boobs and shaved pubis. She reassures him that it's okay and he follows her lead. They get under the water and she cleans him off, explaining the nature of the NURU massage with its multiple steps of washing and moisturizing. He's trying to be a good boy but it's hard to behave while Nicole is using both hands to stroke his dick. She peppers his massage with a slow intense blow job that gives Marcus a deep radiating pleasure. Nicole teases him to the brink of cumming. She stretches her tight wet pussy around his hard distended cock and fucks him. Then the nice guy get to finish in her mouth!

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The storyline is slightly......implausible......but who cares so long as it gets us to stunning Nicole oiled up, fucking and squirting ? That toned body of hers is just made for oiling and she way she looks when she's being spooned is just stunning. Thanks so much for casting Nicole, who's always been a favorite of mine. Love this girl, and I really hope you'll have her back for more fun and games.
2017-08-28 11:45
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