Fact Or Friction

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Video Description: Kyle Mason, a masseur, is getting frustrated with his colleague, Hime Marie. It's just that he keeps losing clients to her and can't figure out why! It doesn't help that she gloats about it ALL the time, which only makes him even more competitive.

After losing a third client to Hime in a week, and hearing her read off even more of her glowing reviews, he finally confronts her. There's NO WAY an amateur like HER is legitimately earning those reviews. Insulted, Hime insists that she does NURU massages, which are objectively way better than any deep tissue massage Kyle gives. She then insists that he lets her massage him so that he can see for himself! Although Kyle scoffs and turns her down at first, this DOES give him a chance to leave a scathing, honest review of his own...

Once Hime breaks out the gel and gets them both to strip down, Kyle is determined not to give her the benefit of a doubt. As Hime presses close and begins sliding against him, will he finally learn the truth behind her success?

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"- So, anybody get a bit of an effeminate vibe here from this fella?

Checked IAFD, well, called that.

Not looking forward to listening to the rest of his line delivery. I’m not a big fan of male voices period in adult entertainment, however; that being said, if it is going to be present in B/G hetero-normative scenes I would expect to hear the vocal inflections and tones of a hetero-normative B/G performer. For me, this is a turn off. This isn’t the type of male talent I want to see in B/G entertainment. About to just dip right here as I’m tired of listening to his voice, big time.

- Six minutes of talking.

Oh, guess what, dude is naked first again. Jesus Christ – can you produce some stuff where the girl gets naked first?

Hopefully Kyle keeps his mouth shut from here on out.

All right, he won't stop talking in that tone of his and I am done. Thumbs Down. I don’t want to see him in your B/G productions any longer. Fuck. What a turn off. And so disappointing, Hime is one of my favorites, never get to see her used much.

What looked like a great set of uploads is quickly devolving into shit. Here’s hoping I can find something worthwhile as it’s been a wasted morning so far."

Are you aware that women also watch porn? You post comments like this on evilangel as well I think. Its only only about you. Some of us like looking at the men.
2021-05-11 12:38
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IRL couple, Hime & Kyle. Good to see them have fun on a pro porn set. However, a Swallowing or Creampie finish might have been hotter, and enjoyable, for these two. Anyway, good job, all.
2021-02-25 01:48
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Kyle looks like he's got a b cup going.
2021-02-06 09:05
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more HIME MARIE please
2021-02-06 02:23
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i would like to see Kyle Mason threesome family sex model porn with swaping his cum most time (:
2021-02-05 10:35
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