Shiva Lingam

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Video Description: Yogi master masseur Charles Dera treats his client Jennifer Jacobs who suffers from anxiety. When the client arrives, she joins him on the yoga mats and he begins the session with 3 cleansing Oms. Following that he leads into a cleaning shower. This is their 5th session and she still doesn't know if she should undress in private. He explains again, there is no need to hide under the cover of clothing, because in this sacred space of non-judgement, they are one.

The shower experience is unifying and sensual. Once they are fully cleansed, they return to the mat for the massage. Ready to open her chakras, he describes the spiritual properties of the NURU oil and anoints her body. He begins to massage her feet and her shins, vigorously rubbing out the tension. He caresses the back of her thighs all the way up to her bare buttocks, opening her up. He cautions her to pay heed to her body's tensions, explaining that overly contracted muscles are liable to go into spasm, resulting in knots or lumps, which is what he is massaging out.

She's admits to having trouble controlling her negative thoughts. She is afraid that her boyfriend won't put up with her moodiness much longer. He tells her the muscle tension is equated with her relationship. They should explore that so she can process it and let it go.To fast track her learning, he will focus on teaching her the Shiva Lingam mudra, which restores equilibrium to the body. He doesn't have the stones on hand, so he offers to improvise with body parts. He pulls out his erect penis and enters her slippery opening with ease. He tells her to focus on the sensations. She lets him dominate her pussy for the duration of the session, like a true master!

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i'm getting so frustrated w u people. here u have another beautiful girl w an insanely hot body...and u barely show her off before she gets nailed, u waste the opportunity to showcase the best feature of this gorgeous girl, her nude body? WHAT IS wrong w u?? i want to see as much of her body,(full body shots, head to toe) when she is standing in the shower before the shower, not fucking closeups of pussy or cock, or cutaways to something even more useless. the cameraman or director or whoever is doing WAY the fuck too much w the camera. just point the fuckin camera at the object of lust, make sure the lighting is good, don't shoot into the sun and leave it alone. let the camera do the work. that is what everybody is here for, to lust over the beautiful nude women before they get penetrated, don't u fuckin get it??? the luscious girls are are ur money makers, dimwits!!!! i want to see them full monty and almost nothing else, whether they're standing,lying, fucking, kissing. if u want my business again u need to show me ur listening....i'd dare say u wouldn't have to give out discounts if u listened. i'd gladly pay more if u did it right
2018-02-12 13:05
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that girl is hot as hell, but the dialog is retarded
2017-10-29 15:26
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