Slippery Inspection

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Video Description: When Sophia Grace finds out the inspector (Savana Styles) is 5 minutes away, she does her best to tidy things up before her arrival. When Sophie attempts to speak to her about the Nuru gel, Savana grabs it out of her hand and starts reading the ingredients. When everything seems on the up and up, Savana declares that she can't give the spa a perfect score. Sophia's confused. She knows her spa is spotless so when Savana says that she needs to know if the treatment actually works, Sophia starts getting the message: she realizes Savana wants a free massage in exchange for a perfect rating.

Since it's a no-brainer, she agrees and starts taking off her clothes. They enter the shower together and Sophia stars massaging Savana's voluptuous body. Sophia indicates that it's time to move to the next step but Savana isn't going anywhere. She points out that she missed a couple of spots as she motions for Sophia to grab her big round tits. Savana takes Sophia's hands and puts them on her pussy, stating that perhaps it would be a good time to get this area wet.

Sophia puts some water on it and clearly misses the point. Savana reminds her that if she wants a good evaluation, she should learn how to follow directions. Getting the idea, she gets on her knees and starts eating her out. Savana rubs her pussy all over her face as she face fucks her. They leave the shower and Savana lies down. Once she's all oiled up, she asks Sophia to oil her insides so she can finger her. Making her cum, she ensures the best rating for her massage parlor. She definitely slipped her out of that inspection!

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This is probably my favorite nuru scene. Savana always looking amazing straddling another girl covered in that slime...bring her back as many times as possible, shes so sexy
2018-08-03 10:24
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Terrible sound quality, if being able to hear dialogue is important to you, as it is to me, don't waste your time on this one. The women are beautiful and the sex may be hot, but without decent sound it just doesn't do anything for me.
2018-02-05 13:15
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2018-01-28 12:28
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This looks extremely hot Hot HOT !!!
2018-01-12 08:47
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