Sorority Pledge

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Video Description: Sorority pledge Rina Ellis is tasked with fucking a random dude to join the sorority, so she takes a job at the NURU spa. When the masseuse finally works up the nerve to greet her client in an opened robe, she's shocked to realize it's Tommy Gunn, a teacher on her campus.

Tommy's fully aware they're both breaking school rules, but he's unsure how to get out of this predicament. Rina has an idea and pulls him into the shower room where she takes off her robe and tantalizes him with her nubile body and pierced nipples. She reasons they can both keep a secret. He tries to object but she takes off his pants and unearths his long schlong. She escorts him into the shower.

His cock stands at attention as she lathers him up and flaunts her cute ass. They go for a soak in the tub where she offers him a blow job. She can barely fit his cock in her mouth so she presents him with her pussy. Tommy gladly helps her fulfill her sorority pledge obligation right away. She stops him before he blows his load so that she can complete the massage. She covers him head to toe in the NURU gel, then makes Tommy flip over. She slides up and down and then swivels around to feed him her pussy while sucking his cock. She slips onto his dick and rides him hard. Then Tommy fucks her sideways till he cums all over her tummy!

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Veeery goood!!!
2017-11-23 11:56
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ready (user_21767480)
More fuck in the shower, more play in the shower, more caress in the shower, more time in the shower please...
2017-09-05 17:15
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Good to see Rina here, and she and Tommy are good together. The storyline is a bit choppy, but Rina's acting is nice, her tits are beautiful, she looks stunning and she takes her fucking like a champ. Wish there'd been a bit more nuru spread about, though: they were both mostly dried out halfway through the screwing. More Rina please !
2017-09-01 18:52
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