Taking Control

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Video Description: Romi Rain is looking for a special gift for her husband Eric. When she shows up at the Nuru Spa, greeted by Sara Luvv, she finds exactly what she's looking for. Eric's buddies have been boasting about this place to him for weeks but Romi doesn't know everything involved. That Thursday when she brings her husband in for the massage, Sara is excited to show them around. Eric is a bit nervous his wife will find out what the spa is all about. Sara explains what the massage entails, nervous that she could freak the fuck out at any moment. Romi seems very excited, but when the cards begin to fall, Romi makes a new plan, one that Sara might have a bit of trouble letting be. Romi takes control, and allows Sara to fall to the side. You don't want to miss what comes next!

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best scene of 2015
2016-01-09 17:19
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Humor...or train wreck?
. Just abusive, of all concerned.
2015-10-31 19:41
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The beginning is good
She look like a godess with her perfect teeth and nice smile
But when she start to spit in the other girls mouth etc, then its a total turnoff. And this rough shit is also a turn off
So from a perfect beginnig to a total disgusting spitting session, is a thumb down.
2015-09-30 02:33
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Can't get enough Sara Luvv
2015-09-05 22:46
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Old Banger
Notice from Nuru Management:
Nuru Massage Parlour does go to the extreme to satisfy customers. Our masseuse, Sara conducted herself very professionally while contending with customer protestations, interference and the client's guest pushing Sara to perform beyond Nuru's standard services.
Sara maintained focus on the customer's satisfaction and kept her composure and while the management admire this demonstration of commitment, I trust future customers will remain conscious there are boundaries of service to be observed by our staff.
Thank you.
2015-08-29 23:12
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Banger, I love your sardonic humor. Hopefully the boundaries of propriety will be shattered many more times. Admit it , you loved the cum-swap.
2015-08-30 17:46
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