The Boss And The Client

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Video Description: India Summer is on the couch with her husband, getting a nice foot massage from him as she enjoys her day off. Then her phone rings, much to her husband's dismay, but she has to pick up. She answers it to find out that one of her girls can't come to work today and there's a client in need of a masseuse. Despite her husband's 'don't you dare' looks, she says that she'll take care of the client. Her husband can't believe that she's going in when they're supposed to be having some alone time! She promises that she'll be back soon and will make it all up to him. After making a pinky promise with her husband, India hurries off.

When she gets to the massage parlor, Tommy Gunn is already there waiting. India asks him how long has he been waiting here, Tommy responds that it's been about 15 minutes. He adds that usually his masseuse Cindy lets him in but she never showed up. India explains that Cindy called in sick. Tommy asks her who's going to service him since it's usually Cindy that does it. India tells him that she's there and ready to give him a massage, but when Tommy mentions that he usually gets a Nuru massage, she's confused. While she doesn't know what that is, since she's just the owner and not a regular masseuse, she's happy to give Tommy a Nuru massage, as long as he talks her through it. Tommy agrees and they move to the shower.

India is all the more confused as they stand in the shower until Tommy tells her that this is part of the Nuru massage, too. She's shocked that Cindy strips down and showers with her clients, getting them nice and clean for a massage on a mattress! She never knew that this was what was going on in the parlor. Although she's hesitant, she wants to keep Tommy's business, so she strips down and does as he instructs. She tries her best to give him a sensual massage without it getting TOO sensual since she has a husband waiting at home. When it comes time to clean Tommy's cock, she's hesitant. She keeps insisting that she's married, although Tommy doesn't seem too concerned. She continues on with the massage, stroking his dick while trying not to stare directly at it.

When they're done showering, they move into the parlor. Tommy lays down on a mattress and India rubs Nuru gel along his back. When he tells her to climb on top of him, since that's part of the massage, she's once again hesitant. It's such an intimate thing, but she makes herself do it, anyway. She slowly slips and slides along his body, gradually getting heated up through the full-body contact. Once she notices Tommy's fully erect cock, her primal urges take over as she begins going down on him, getting him ready to slip inside her pussy. Once she's on top of Tommy and riding his cock, getting home to her husband is the furthest thing from her mind!

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Love India all oiled up! She looks great as a blonde and especially sexy with her hair done up in a bun! More of this hot Milf please!
2019-01-02 00:47
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If the slow, slippery massage play and sharp camera work are consistent throughout these videos, this series is going to be extremely popular. India Summer naked. India Summer wet and naked. India Summer oily and naked. I'm going to have sweet dreams tonight for sure. Thank you, Gorgeous!
2018-12-12 12:30
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I like India's blonde hair!
2018-12-07 01:43
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She is one hot lady.... she talented...beautiful , intelligent and an excellent actor. Love the blonde hair with the waves. She’s a class act for sure. All the way....she’s a ten for sure. High five. :)
2018-11-14 13:11
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India is such an amazing performer! There are so many nice subtleties to what she does, from hip motions to blowjob techniques to little stuff like contrasting a formal almost uptight posture with surprise levels of sexual abandon. Any sane person would be lucky to hook up with someone like her but good luck not climaxing faster than intended, I wouldn't attempt playtime with her without a seatbelt and a bag to hide the stupid look on my face...
2018-10-28 21:36
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