The Female Client

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Video Description: Before Billy leaves the massage parlor, he hugs Sarah Vandella and thanks her for another perfect massage. He tells her that he recommended her to his good friend Ryan. Sarah is flattered that he would do that and thanks him as she sees him off. Ryan Keely walks into the massage parlor about five minutes later and waits in the reception area. When Sarah walks downstairs to greet her potential client, she's surprised to see a woman standing there since her practice is exclusively for men. When Ryan introduces herself, Sarah realizes that this is the Ryan Billy was talking about. She apologizes explaining that she tends to work on men, but Ryan tells her surely she can make an exception. She's come all this way and after all, it's just a massage, right? Sarah apologizes saying that of course she can service her. She asks her to follow her up the stairs to the massage area. Sarah then tells her she can go ahead and take off her clothes. Before Sarah has a chance to leave the room and give her some privacy, Ryan drops her dress revealing her voluptuous body. Sarah is slightly taken aback at Ryan's forwardness and starts blushing. She's never met a woman so confident before! Ryan watches her as she undresses keeping her eyes on the prize. Billy wasn't kidding when he told Ryan how hot his masseuse was. And Ryan is going to make damn sure she gets with her in any way that she can!

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willy204 - user_23586951
Ryan and Sarah did an amazing job on this one. Ryan is such a tall big bodied sexy woman! Man she makes my balls ache! I laughed at myself because as I was watching so enthralled that at 19:22, 21:00, 21:44 when Sarah's mouth was within a fraction of an inch from Ryan's oiled pussy my mouth opened at just that moment and my tongue came out to lick! Like when your watching someone eating something delicious and you wind up making the same mouth movements as you watch them! I chuckled to myself how into it I was. What a compliment to both actresses! Kudos to Ryan and Sarah!
2019-03-27 16:21
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2018-10-18 17:25
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Dr. Alucard
More Ryan Keely please
2018-10-15 19:18
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Hertz van Rental: Dutch pornstar!
I'm looking forward to this one, two really attractive women with great bodies. I love Sarah Vandella! I'm not too familiar with Ryan Keely but loving her work! Hope to see much more of her on FM.
2018-08-12 06:13
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what a mega hot Pairing of These two legends !
2018-08-09 03:01
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