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Date added: 2017-10-13 Length: 00:39:20 Rating:
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Description : The moment client Ramon Nomar meets his sexy brunette masseuse Silvia Saige, he's convinced that he knows her from somewhere. She's not hit with the same blast of recognition and chalks it up to having a familiar face. But once his brain finishes making the connection, he remembers walking in on her while she was in the middle of riding some guy. He still wants to get to the bottom of this mystery.

She brings him into the massage room and begins to undress. He helps her remove her bra and remarks on its expensive quality. She tells him she can afford it and she only works three days a week. In the shower, he asks if she is a model, in case that would account for her familiar face. She denies being a model and keeps soaping him up and rinsing him off. She really cleans his cock with both hands.

In the bathtub, he finally reveals where he saw her. It was at Eric's party. She was having sex with his friend. He remembers her eyes. She tells him he's mistaken and asks him to please drop it. Then she swallows his cock to help take his mind off it. Then she brings him to the NURU mat. She drizzles the thick viscous gel all over him. She coats herself too, then straddles his ass and glides her sticky pussy along his body. Then Ramon turns over onto his back. She leans back and gives him a footjob, then Silvia sits on his dick and fucks him till she she cums. He sideloads her pussy and pulls out just in time to cover her tummy in cum!
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Description : Fashionista client Brett Rossi comes to the spa for a gel manicure thinking NURU Gel is a trendy new nail treatment. Masseuse Jaye Summers explains it's a type of massage. Brett is a tad disappointed but when Jaye says it's a hit with celebrities, the client really wants to try, so she can be the envy of all the cool people.

Brett follows Jaye to the massage room. She giggles when the masseuse tries to undress her but plays along. Jaye soaps her up in the shower and it's turning Brett on. After they kiss, she caresses her boobs, then guides Brett into the bath. Brett sits on the edge of the tub, Jaye spreads her client's legs and licks her sweet pussy. After the warm up, they move to the mat.

Jaye spreads a handful of gel onto Brett's back, then sits on her ass as she lubes up herself. Jaye drapes her body on top of Brett massaging with her bodyweight, till it's time for Brett to turn over. The slippery masseuse slides all over Brett, licking her nipples before lowering down between her legs.

Brett can't believe what she's doing. She's never been with a girl before. Jaye licks her pussy till she cums in her mouth. Brett does so well at reciprocating that Jaye doubts it's her first time. Jaye wraps herself around Brett's leg and the lesbians cum hard tribbing each other's pussies.
Date added: 2016-11-04 Length: 00:26:12 Rating:
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Description : Marcus London is scoring some points with his hot girlfriend Zoey Monroe, helping her prep for her next massage client, when he accidentally spills a bunch of NURU gel on his black t-shirt. Zoey offers him an incentive to go wash the gel out of his shirt before a stain sets. She'll give him a NURU massage, and let him fuck her in the ass! Marcus accepts the generous offer, and cleverly swaps out the ruined shirt for an identical black t-shirt, telling Zoey a fib, that he used an old laundry trick he learned from his mum. She sees through his story, but agrees to pay up.

Marcus is eager to have anal sex with his hot girlfriend. Ass fucking is not on the menu every day. But her handiwork and her pussy feel so fucking good, can he hold off cumming long enough to fuck her in the ass?!
Date added: 2015-09-18 Length: 00:27:50 Rating:
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Description : John Strong is ready for the night, his head clear and appeased, looking at Valentina Nappi's naked pussy on his phone setting him up for the perfect lucid dream. John didn't except his fantasies of Valentina to be one he will never forget. John goes into a deep sleep, waking up in the Nuru Massage room wearing only a bathrobe. The doors in front of him open with fog, smoke and in the mist, appears the voluptuous Valentina signaling John to enter into her world of pleasure. John follows Valentina into the shower with his cock hard for her sweet ass. Valentina massages John's chest and back with her perky boobs, gliding her hands up and down, moving her mouth towards his cock. She gets his cock extremely wet with her saliva, sucking hard,deepthroating it all the way down her throat. John takes her by the back, fucking her on the bench and just when she is about the orgasm, she vanishes into the other room, waiting to bathe him with unprecedented marvels.

Want to know more about John's euphoric dream? Watch today!
Date added: 2013-09-14 Length: 00:26:59 Rating:
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Description : Jay Voom came to Nuru Massage looking for a particular massage. He asked Mena Li if she knew about a ''Raft Ride massage'' Mena let him know of similar massage technique. He realized right away that he got his moneys worth as she started stripping off her clothes. Mena cleaned him up in the shower to make his cock rock hard before taking him to the bath. Jay loved getting a deepthroat blowjob in the bathtub. He couldn't resist him self so he picked her up and had his way with her. Mena realized he hasn't yet experienced the Nuru Massage yet so she showed him what she had to offer. Sliding her body on his, waiting to feel the cum on her body. She was happy and so was he!
Date added: 2013-03-30 Length: 00:21:11 Rating:
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Description : Ava Alvarez answers the knock on the back patio door and you can see her smile as Jack walks in to Nuru today. She's very eager to get her hands, lips and hips on his muscular body. She appreciates a guy who keeps himself in good shape because of all the effort she puts into taking care of her own body. Ava is a hot tub specialist with amazing suck skills and she loves having her natural tits fucked as the warm water surrounds her. Oiled up on the air mattress she really puts her back into giving a great rub down, but more voyeurs will focus on her hand technique during the happy ending which lead to her getting a very big bonus!
Date added: 2012-09-29 Length: 00:21:14 Rating:
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Description : Sexy blonde Christie Stevens asked TJ Cummings for the password to enter the Nuru massage parlor. She took his payment then undressed herself before stripping off his clothes. Christie slowly unzipped his jeans to let his erection spring free. They got into the shower where she washed him with soap and water, teasing him by rubbing her large breasts along his back and chest. TJ started to rub her pussy, making her so wet and horny. She turned around to rub his cock on her ass. They moved on to the Nuru massage where she poured gel on his back and played slip and slide on his body. She slid all the way down to put his cock in her mouth, spitting on the tip to watch it run down the side. She flipped around to put her pussy in his face while she was taking his dick deep in her throat. Christie's mouth was opened wide with her tongue out waiting for his cum to shoot all over her.
Date added: 2010-02-15 Length: 00:21:33 Rating:
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Description : Damien visits Nuru massage after a friend in his workplace told him about it. He is having a hard time with his wife and decides to release some stress with a good body massage. Luckily for him it's Asa's shift, she takes him to the shower where he experiences the sokebe chair for the first time. After they are all cleaned it's time for the jacuzzi, Asa gives him a sensual blowjob and then comes the Nuru body massage and the happy ending.