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Date added: 2009-10-12 Length: 00:22:43 Rating:
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Description : Eric is a sports talent scout in town on business. His buddy referred him to Nuru Massage where he meets Nuru's newest recruit, Mya Luanna. It's Eric's lucky day. Mya not only thinks he's good looking, but like a young athlete with something to prove, Mya is out to give the best massage this talent scout's ever had. Mya gets right to it with Eric from the get go. Sucking, rubbing, jerking, and massaging him with her whole body. And, as if all that wouldn't clinch the deal, Mya goes beyond the call of duty and fucks Eric. It's too bad for Eric that Nuru Massage isn't a sport, otherwise he would have signed Mya to his team.
Date added: 2009-09-28 Length: 00:22:24 Rating:
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Description : Joey visits the Nuru house and tells Asa that his wife and him are going through very rough times and he wanted to get away for a while to get a nice and relaxing massage. Asa says that she is sorry to hear that and starts him off with a nice and cool sensual shower. After getting him all relaxed in the jacuzzi Asa pulls out the air mattress and the Nuru gel and begins the full body massage. As the massage progresses Asa feels sorry for Joey not getting any at home and also begins to get really horny, she decides to make an exception and ride his hard cock to the happy ending.
Date added: 2009-08-10 Length: 00:21:03 Rating:
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Description : Eric is stressed out and Jackie, with her inviting smile, is just the girl to help him. In the Jacuzzi, she slides on, fondles with, and gobbles his cock. They kiss. Jackie offers her pussy for Eric to eat. He eagerly accepts. But the air mattress is where things heat up even more. They're covered in Nuru gel. Jackie slithers all over Eric. He's hard as a rock. She slips his dick into her pussy and they hump. She strokes him to an impressive finish. Eric is at peace with the world!
Date added: 2009-08-10 Length: 00:29:26 Rating:
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Description : Will heard about Nuru Massage and wanted to check it out. Stephanie assures him that he will like it. A lot. In the Jacuzzi, she bathes and strokes him with hands and feet. She sucks and slurps his cock. Will breathlessly chants, 'Oh shit, oh wow'. It gets even better on the air mattress as Stephanie, covered in slick gooey Nuru gel, erotically massages Will as he continues chanting. This builds to where he can hold off no longer and they screw. His cum all over her stomach and tits. Will likes Nuru Massage!
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