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Description : Seth regularly hits the gym for a good workout, but this week he hurt himself so he went to the Nuru Massage Parlor to get a rub down and help ease his pain. His sexy masseuse Randy meets him at the door and takes him to the massage room where she strips naked and lets him check out her hot body. They jump into the shower and as she soaps him up he starts kissing her then presses her up against the wall so he can rub his cock against her pussy. She guides his hard dick inside her pussy and lets him fuck her right there in the shower, but she doesn't let it last too long because she doesn't want him to cum too fast. She takes him to the mattress, coats them both in Nuru gel and slides on his body, relaxing his sore muscles and letting him lick her pussy while she sucks his cock. She ends up on her back with him fucking her then he pulls out and showers her flat belly with hot cum.