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Date added: 2010-08-09 Length: 00:21:55 Rating:
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Description : Stephanie welcomes Tucker to Nuru massage and suggests the full massage package. They head to the shower where Stephanie pulls out the sukebe chair and pleasures Tucker with a hot and soapy rub. Then it's time for some Nuru sliding but not before Stephanie shows off her amazing body and masturbates on the air mattress. Stephanie is now craving for a hard cock and finally slides it in her wet pussy making Tucker one happy and satisfied customer.
Date added: 2010-06-14 Length: 00:19:45 Rating:
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Description : Seth takes a walk in the neighborhood when he suddenly sees Stephanie sunbathing naked on the porch, he decides to climb up the stairs and make a move on her. Stephanie tells him that she really needs to head back to the massage parlor but asks him to join her later on so she could give him her special treatment. Without wasting much time Seth rushes to the front door and gets acquainted with Stephanie's incredible body and the amazing Nuru gel.
Date added: 2009-08-10 Length: 00:29:26 Rating:
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Description : Will heard about Nuru Massage and wanted to check it out. Stephanie assures him that he will like it. A lot. In the Jacuzzi, she bathes and strokes him with hands and feet. She sucks and slurps his cock. Will breathlessly chants, 'Oh shit, oh wow'. It gets even better on the air mattress as Stephanie, covered in slick gooey Nuru gel, erotically massages Will as he continues chanting. This builds to where he can hold off no longer and they screw. His cum all over her stomach and tits. Will likes Nuru Massage!