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Date added: 2016-07-15 Length: 00:24:44 Rating:
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Description : After cheating on his ex-girlfriend, Damon Dice returned home to find she had burned it to the ground. Now, he's living in a Hotel Room, but with all that stress, he needs some relief from masseuse Abby Cross. Damon explains he was caught cheating, and Abby guarantees a delicious massage. Abby shows Damon to the shower where she begins stroking his hard cock and rubs her perky boobs over his chiseled chest. She teases his cock with her tongue to keep it erect for his warm bath. When they move into the tub, Abby sucks his hard shaft allowing his cock to grow bigger with every stroke. Damon stands up and watching Abby from above licking and sucking his balls vigorously. Damon is ready for his massage and relishes Abby's cold gel all over his back but it warms up fast with her naked body gliding over his. Abby can't resist sucking Damon's hard cock again, until she leaps onto his shaft and rides his cock as hard as she can. Abby's plump ass bounces in the air until he turns her on her side, fucking her hard and deep, finally busting his hot load over her flawless ass!
Date added: 2014-05-16 Length: 00:28:50 Rating:
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Description : Abby and Chloe are enjoying their girls only vacation, when a Business man approaches them, asking to take $5000 each to give a massage to some guy who's an oil sheik. Confused, the girls ask if it's just a massage, and the guy reassures them, but adds that they will need to use a specific gel.... Nuru Gel. The Sheik has the ladies try out the gel for themselves before getting started on him. The Sheik is pleased to have them massage him. Abby is nervous about how far Chloe is going, but it's clear Chloe is into him when she swallows his huge cock. Abby is surprised again, but before long, all three are sharing each other. Both girls get a chance to slide around on his cock, and they even get to taste each other's sweet pussies off him. In the end the Sheik has an experience like he never expected, and the girls get his cum-seal of approval
Date added: 2013-12-07 Length: 00:24:41 Rating:
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Description : Abby Cross loves her job at Nuru massage. It's quick, easy money and she's very good at what she does. Tony came in today for a back ache but gets so much more for his money. Abby quickly undresses to show off her sun kissed body with her cute bikini tan lines. Tony is already getting hard for her as she leads him to she shower, so Abby soaps up his cock and balls to get them ready for her mouth. Abby clearly admires his size as she gives him a long and bubbly handjob. After a quick rinse in the bath, Abby does her best to throat down his big dick as far as she can take it. Abby wants to know what his huge cock will feel like in her tight pussy, so they make a deal that lets him fuck her twat. See amazing close ups as Abby bends over to take every inch of his shaft. Her natural tits bounce with every thrust before she stops him from popping so she can give him the actual massage. Abby uses lots of oil so that her tits can run all over her clients body. She teases his cock with her pussy again before letting him slip it in so he can finish all over her taught tummy.