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Date added: 2015-03-06 Length: 00:30:12 Rating:
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Description : John came to Nuru today to get a massage. He's greeted by the plumber, thank god that guy is not the masseuse. But when his masseuse does show up, it turns out to be a student where he works as her teacher! Chloe Amour is just as surprised to see him there, but when he starts prying, he feels ashamed, that this is the job she ended up with after failing her last year! She makes it personal and uses his abandonment as a play to get him to come for the massage anyway. Watch her teacher drool over her gorgeous body, as she seduces and pampers her teacher throughout his massage. Chloe isn't nervous at all, but when she takes his cock in her warm mouth he sure warms up to the idea of giving her a passing grade this year!
Date added: 2014-05-16 Length: 00:28:50 Rating:
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Description : Abby and Chloe are enjoying their girls only vacation, when a Business man approaches them, asking to take $5000 each to give a massage to some guy who's an oil sheik. Confused, the girls ask if it's just a massage, and the guy reassures them, but adds that they will need to use a specific gel.... Nuru Gel. The Sheik has the ladies try out the gel for themselves before getting started on him. The Sheik is pleased to have them massage him. Abby is nervous about how far Chloe is going, but it's clear Chloe is into him when she swallows his huge cock. Abby is surprised again, but before long, all three are sharing each other. Both girls get a chance to slide around on his cock, and they even get to taste each other's sweet pussies off him. In the end the Sheik has an experience like he never expected, and the girls get his cum-seal of approval