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Date added: 2013-11-23 Length: 00:22:52 Rating:
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Description : Alexa Aimes and Dick Chibbles haven't met at Nuru before but they do know each other. As it turns out their age difference is kind of important. Alexa is all grown up now, but back in the day it seems Dick had been her babysitter. Dick even gets a 'you're kind of hot' discount and pays half the rate to get a crack at Ms. Aimes sweet twenty year old booty in the massage studio. From the shower to the hot oil mat, Mr. Chibbles is living the dream with a sexy masseuse who in some ways he may have had a hand in helping to create. You gotta love when past good deeds come back to pay big cumshot dividends later in life!
Date added: 2013-08-24 Length: 00:24:52 Rating:
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Description : Alexa Gets Fucked Hard','Alexa wants her clients cock and gets it hard and deep','Aaron Wilcox is an out of towner but his local friends suggest he hit up NuRu massage for the special treatment. As hottie Alexa Aimes undresses to show off her on point body, Aaron realizes this is unlike any other massage he has ever received. Alexa quickly gets to work stroking his cock as she kisses him and leads him to the shower. She is clearly as into him as he is into her, making this a hot and sensual scene with amazingly erotic sex. Alexa sucks his cock hard with her mouth and tongue, using her hands to rub his shaft and balls. Alexa can't keep her hands off Aaron's cock as she leads him to the tub to rinse off. She shoves his dick so far down her throat that her nose bounces off his belly as she goes in deep. When she's ready, she angles her wet pussy up so that he can fuck her tight twat as she encourages him to go harder. After a nice taste, Alexa leads Aaron over to her massage bed so that she can rub her oiled and heavily tattooed body all over him. This serves as foreplay to sucking and fucking him until he blows his load all over her shaved twat