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Date added: 2017-09-15 Length: 00:27:00 Rating:
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Description : Nikki Knightly and Tommy Pistol have been such good friends for a really long time. Tommy has been meaning to call her for a drink, and Nikki feels into it, even though they're friends they're willing to see what's gonna happen. Tommy seems a little nervous, but they're both excited. Nikki enjoys her job an awful lot, and Tommy seems down for anything. Before Nikki has him completely undressed, his cock starts to stand at attention making him even more nervous, but Nikki's expert Nuru massage techniques soon have him tantalised and calmed into a state of bliss. Suddenly everything is gonna be ok, as they begin cooing at one another under Nikki's touch. She begins stroking his hard cock in the bath, making sure he's comfortable before she sucks it. Their chemistry really shows off how close they are, and how excited they both are to be trying this for the first time. Nikki glides her slippery sexy body from head to toe over his body, playing with her nipples and pussy, cause the sexual tension is so high. Before too long, these friends are so horny that Nikki can't resist the temptation to shove his dick inside her well gelled pussy, and slip around so seductively that he cums all over her pussy. They're both surprised they waited this long for such a good fuck.
Date added: 2016-02-05 Length: 00:27:58 Rating:
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Description : Pornstar Sean Michaels is testing the waters at the famous Nuru Massage, surprising masseuse Nikki Knightly. Nikki is so excited at having the opportunity to let her sexuality shine for such a renown pornstar. Nikki is so starstruck, she waves the fee for the treatment and shows Sean into the Nuru room to begin. Nikki removes her underwear and bra, exposing her perky boobs and flawless ass, adamant that Sean gets undressed too. Nikki is shocked at the size of Sean's big black cock, amazed it's even bigger in person. She cannot resist to have his huge schlong inside her warm mouth as it's getting bigger by the inch! Nikki is in for the cock fucking of her life, pleading with Sean to use her pussy as his personal sex toy. finally, when he's seen enough of her perfect smooth body, perky boobs and fucked her sweet warm pussy with his massive cock he begins jizzing a huge load of cum uncontrollably all over her boobs and stomach!
Date added: 2015-11-13 Length: 00:29:46 Rating:
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Description : Sleazebag Tommy Gunn walks into the Nuru Massage looking for his masseuse Roxanne, but notices his step daughter Nikki Knightly on the couch, waiting for her next appointment. Tommy wasn't all that surprised, knowing that his wife is a slut so seeing Nikki there isn't at all unlikely. Tommy wants the usual treatment today, but Nikki thought it's a little weird considering they are almost family. Tommy thinks of it as a kinky fetish, seeing the girl he calls his daughter fully naked, massaging his cock with her hands and rubbing his back with her massive boobs. A client is a client in Nikki's eyes, and she doesn't dare being in trouble with the owner at saying no to him.