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Date added: 2017-02-24 Length: 00:21:49 Rating:
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Description : When client Kurt Lockwood comes to the spa for a NURU massage, he isn't so keen on masseuse Karter Foxx. Although the brunette masseuse is beautiful, she's just not his type. But no one else is available, so Karter escorts him to the shower with a promise to try extra hard to make him happy. Confident that her massage skills will change his mind, Karter seductively takes off her little white robe and flaunts her sexy body. She crouches down seductively and warms him up with a cock inflating blowjob. Karter invites Kurt to join her in the standing shower where she lathers and strokes his boner. Judging by the hardened state of his dick, the picky client doesn't seem too disappointed. But when she asks how it's going, he maintains that he'd prefer another masseuse. Karter has a trick up her sleeve. She offers him a seat on a Sukebe stool, a special chair with a recess in the middle designed for tantric massage. She reaches behind him, slips her hand through the hole and massages his balls while pulling on his soapy dick. After almost losing his load, Kurt admits that he finds that handjob technique very convincing. Karter brings him to the mat where he lies down on his stomach. She covers his back with warm, viscous NURU gel. She smooths it all over her full perky boobs and golden skin, then glides her naked body on top of him. She turns him over, sensually stroking the front side of his body, her wet pussy pressing into him, foreshadowing what's to cum. She slides down to his swollen member and sucks slowly but strongly on his cock. When he begs for her pussy, she doesn't deny. She promptly pops his knob into her slick pussy and shakes her hot Latina ass while pumping her hips. Kurt decides he loves her tight pussy so much he wants her to be his regular girl. Feeling himself close to finishing, he turns her onto her side and lifts her leg. He fucks her with deep thrusts till she cums, then he spits his load all over her shaved pussy!
Date added: 2016-11-25 Length: 00:25:51 Rating:
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Description : Spa manager Sophia Grace gets called into the spa to deal with an underperforming employee Karter Foxx who's repeatedly not pleasing the customers. After issuing a refund to yet another complaining client, the manager calls Karter in for a performance review and sits in on her next appointment to evaluate her work. Almost as soon as Karter gets started working on her next client Damon Dice, Sophia identifies a bunch of mistakes in her work. She admonishes the fledgling masseuse and prepares to take over, Sophia pulls off her shoes and panties, while explaining that her client is patiently waiting for a full body massage, which is done by smoothing her naked body over his, using the NURU gel as lubricant. Karter watches with intense curiosity as Sophia Grace flips Damon onto his back and rides his front until his dick becomes stiff, and she groans with pleasure when it inserts into her lubed up pussy. Karter Foxx is sure she can do what her boss is doing to Damon. With Damon's cock inside Sophia's pussy making her cum, Karter wants to stop watching and start participating, by sitting on his face so he can lick pussy and fuck pussy at the same time. Karter agrees, eyes glazed over and close to cumming. As the masseuses get closer to reaching their goal to satisfy the client, they keep sucking and fucking Damon's huge cock till he creampies Karter's pussy.